classmethod Circuit.Port(frequency, name, z0=50)[source]

Return a 1-port Network to be used as a Circuit port.

Passing the frequency and name is mandatory. Port name must include the word ‘port’ inside. (ex: ‘Port1’ or ‘port_3’)

  • frequency (Frequency) – Frequency common to all other networks in the circuit

  • name (string) – Name of the port. Must include the word ‘port’ inside. (ex: ‘Port1’ or ‘port_3’)

  • z0 (real) – Characteristic impedance of the port. Default is 50 Ohm.


port – (External) 1-port network

Return type

Network object


In [1]: freq = rf.Frequency(start=1, stop=2, npoints=101)

In [2]: port1 = rf.Circuit.Port(freq, name='Port1')